Studio with engineer: $50 per hour:  Clock starts when you arrive to set up.

Studio Musicians:  $20 and up per hour

Editing, mixing and mastering: $50 per hour

Graphic design, artwork and production preparation: $50 per hour

​Copyright procurement: $50 per hour

Licensing and clearances: $50 per hour


PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! Nothing saves you money like being well-rehearsed.  Your time in the studio should not be the time to be imagining and fleshing out your songs.  You are on the clock.  Do your grunt work before you come in so that you know your songs inside, outside, forwards and back- that way you can just have FUN  and enjoy the ride when you get here.

COME PREPARED!  Make sure you put fresh strings on your instruments a day before the session.  Consider replacing drum heads if you haven't done so in a while. Use instruments you're most comfortable playing.  Don't borrow or buy a $3000 Les Paul if all you've ever played is a Strat.  Use effects , pedals, amps etc that you are familiar with.  

RECORD LIKE IT'S A LIVE SHOW!  If you stand when you do a live show, stand during the recording session.  If you sit, then sit. If you run around, then run around.  The point is, you need to be comfortable, and this is not the time to change up your habits.  Musicians play differently standing than they do sitting, and position makes a HUGE difference for singers.  Keep it live and keep it comfortable.

GUESTS: Don't have people in the studio who don't have a purpose for being there.  John loved Yoko, and having her in the studio was good for him- but it was NOT good for the rest of the Beatles.  Keep your guests to a bare minimum- this is a small studio.  Better to not have guests at all, but if you do, be selective.  

This is a non-smoking facility.